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Christmas Cactus

My mother, who originally owned this cactus told me that she had it for 25+ years before she gave it to me. I think that I have had it now for at least five years. It has bloomed every year that I have had it, although it seems to not actually know when Christmas is. No matter, since it is… Read more →

Oma’s Orchid

In 2008 we purchased a Moth Orchid for my grandmother’s 92nd birthday. She loved this orchid which bloomed for her twice; once upon brining it home and again in 2009 shortly before her death on July 23rd of that year. We brought the orchid home and have cared for it ever since. Not only does it continue to bloom for… Read more →

African Violets

Enough with the snow and ice. Enough with bitching about how cold it is outside. I decided to play around with the macro/flower features on my camera and got this picture of some African Violets that are bringing some color and joy into the arctic cold that is my life right now. I like the play of sunlight and shadow. Read more →