African Violets

Enough with the snow and ice. Enough with bitching about how cold it is outside. I decided to play around with the macro/flower features on my camera and got this picture of some African Violets that are bringing some color and joy into the arctic cold that is my life right now. I like the play of sunlight and shadow. Read more →

Too Cold Outside

Yep, it’s still well below freezing outside. It may look sunshiny and pleasant, but it’s most definitely not. So far January has decided to be extremely cold with temperatures not getting above zero during the day and staying well below zero( -20°- -25° ) at night – every night so far. The stack of firewood is taking quite the hit… Read more →

Couch Hogs

There will probably be a few pictures of the dogs throughout the year. Mainly because they are really cute and I can use them as filler for those days that, for whatever reason, I can’t get any other picture. Is this cheating? Probably, but I love my dogs and they represent a big part of my life, so deal with… Read more →

Common Red Poll

Everyone who knows me eventually finds out that I have a thing for birds. I am lucky enough to have a large yard with an abundance of willow bushes, tall grasses and water which helps to attract a wide variety of birds. The fact that I also put up a bunch of feeders to bait them in helps out quite… Read more →


The theme of winter cold continues. That reads -34°F. This is the actual temperature on the morning of January 3, 2013. Although, I will have to admit to not actually taking the picture myself. (I wasn’t brave enough) Photo credit goes to phrog. Read more →

Home Sweet Home

Since I am beginning this blogging adventure in January, expect to see a lot of pictures of snowy landscapes with bright blue skies. One of my favorite pictures to take, regardless of season, is a view of the house from the side yard. At a certain angle it looks as if I live out in the middle of nowhere. The… Read more →

Christmas and a New Year

There are many ornaments that decorate my tree every Christmas. Some of them are very old, dating back to my grandmother’s life in Germany. Most of them are fairly recent as new ones are added every year. This ornament, although not the prettiest or the oldest is perhaps the one with the most sentimental value. The year 1991 marks the… Read more →