Balloon Over Steamboat

If this picture makes things look chilly, well, it was. It was another -25°F morning which seems to be the normal temperature this year. I’m sure that the folks in the balloon were being treated to a beautiful view of the Yampa Valley, but I can’t imagine that it was very comfortable. The rainbow colors of the balloon with Mt.… Read more →

A Beautiful Hoary Morning

Some crazy fog rolled in during the night giving us a gorgeous morning where everything looked like it had been dipped in confectioners sugar. I love when this happens. The blur in the foreground is a Chickadee that was caught flying by as I took the picture. It’s hard to get to work on time on days like this when… Read more →

American Bald Eagle

Driving along the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs we can get the occasional Eagle siting, but they are usually on the other side of the river making it impossible for me to get a photo with my camera. At least a photo where you can actually tell that there is a Bald Eagle in the tree. Thankfully, I have been… Read more →


A beautiful day with loads of sunshine and relatively warm temps – finally a day to play in the yard with the snowshoes. I feel rather fortunate that I have the luxury of simply walking out my door, putting on my snowshoes, and going for it. I haven’t GPS tracked this course yet, but I’m hoping that I have managed… Read more →

Oma’s Orchid

In 2008 we purchased a Moth Orchid for my grandmother’s 92nd birthday. She loved this orchid which bloomed for her twice; once upon brining it home and again in 2009 shortly before her death on July 23rd of that year. We brought the orchid home and have cared for it ever since. Not only does it continue to bloom for… Read more →

Icicles in the Sun

I made an attempt to go outside today despite the fact that I am not feeling all that well. It’s the sunshine and fresh air that I was after, but it’s the bitter cold that has brought me back in. Unbelievable. I have been collecting icicles that have been growing off the roof and planting them into the snow bank… Read more →

Seat Thieves

I’m not sure if this is a characteristic that is unique to the pit bull breed, or if other breeds tend to do this also. Just seconds before taking this photo I was the only occupant of the couch. All I did was get up to refill my coffee and the spot that I had just been occupying was instantly… Read more →


The power lines along this one stretch of road are always decorated with dangling pairs of shoes. This location in town just happens to be where I park for work. It is also where I sometimes stroll during my lunchbreak in search of a yummy sandwich. One day I counted as many as 12 pairs of shoes hanging from the… Read more →