Small Town Life

Fun In the Snow

One of Kenny’s buddies crashed his sled and broke the throttle cable. After bringing it out to phrog’s and doing some Monster Shed magic, the cable was fixed and ready for action. We all headed up to Lock’s for some sled-neckin’. Lock’s place has a road that leads up to a large pasture. He does not maintain this road in… Read more →

The Day Before Thanksgiving

Ever since that first snowfall at the beginning of the month we have been experiencing amazingly beautiful weather. Blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the fifties. Although I happen to be enjoying this weather immensely, the skiers are not too thrilled. Ski Corp has announced that it won’t be opening the mountain until the end of the month. This announcement… Read more →

Steamboat Springs City Council Elections

Election season is upon us in Steamboat Springs. Five of the seven seats on City Council are up for grabs this November. The list of hopefuls is eleven strong with some members seeking reelection. The candidates are: District I: Susan Dellinger (incumbent), Scott Myller District II: Meg Page Bentley, Paul Hughes District III: Vince Arroyo, Walter Magill (two year term)… Read more →