That Ficticious Luxury Jet Sale

The more of Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech that I read, the more lies I uncover. I have already covered the topic in regards to her statement on Alaska’s budget surplus. (See Sarah Palin’s Experience Challenged Let’s talk about that luxury jet, shall we? In her speech Palin made the following statement which was then followed by thunderous applause: I came… Read more →

Sarah Palin’s Experience Challenged

I have been working on some research into Sarah Palin’s experience and have learned quite a lot about the state of Alaska in the process. Here is a quote from Palin’s acceptance speech: Our state budget is under control. We have a surplus. The state does have a surplus – a $39 billion surplus. However, this money sits in a… Read more →

Republicans Must Stop Drinking the Koolaid

There’s a little story floating around the net in regards to the songs that the GOP had decided to play at their little convention. Namely, the use of Heart’s “Barracuda” to introduce Sarah Palin. The Wilson sisters had sent a cease and desist letter to the GOP requesting that they stop using their song. However, as we all know, Republicans… Read more →

Obama’s DNC Speech

I finally got the opportunity to listen to Senator Obama’s acceptance speech in Denver. He is a magnificent orator. The comparisons to John F. Kennedy are certainly merited. In his speech, Senator Obama gave me the sense that he understands what the majority of American people are gong through. He gets it. He is in touch with reality. And he… Read more →

The Agony of Defeat

Senator Clinton, in an e-mail to supporters, has announced that she will end her race to the White House. She plans on holding an event in Washington on Saturday to finally endorse Senator Obama. Warning: What follows is an angry rant containing explatives. Read more →

What We All Want

It is now Wednesday morning. The polls have closed for the remaining states. The long and arduous journey of choosing a democratic nominee for president is over. Or is it? Senator Clinton has yet to concede that she has lost. Nor has she acknowledged that Senator Obama has won. Now the question is, “What does Hillary want?” In her speech… Read more →