Farewell George W. Bush

Tomorrow is the big day. The day we hand over the “Ring of Power” to our best hope at putting our country back together. I wonder what emotions he will be experiencing when President Obama walks into the Oval Office that first day. I wouldn’t be surpised if one of those emotions was fear. Fear of the monumental list of… Read more →


I had to take a day off to recover from election celebration. All I can say is that I am very pleased that Obama is our president elect. I just hope Bush doesn’t annihilate the entire planet in his remaining days. We have a long road ahead of us with a lot of messes to clean up. Everyone who was… Read more →

Election Day!!!

What a long journey it has been to finally arrive at this day. The news stories from around the world are filled with anticipation and held breath as the United States heads to the polls. I have butterflies flitting about in my stomach – please let us not screw this one up! My one regret is that I can’t be… Read more →

Let the Nail Biting Begin

Amidst all of the politics, bail outs, debates and campaign speeches, there is another race going on. The race for the Worlds Series. The first game in a best of five series with the Dodgers didn’t go so well for the Cubs. Coss your fingers everybody – a win tonight would be marvelous. Read more →

Are Women Actually This Stupid?

I went to the Democratic primary here in Steamboat. And I asked a couple of women who were wearing Clinton buttons why they were supporting her. The answers I got were, “Because she is a woman.” Now some of these same women are supporting Sarah Palin. Why? Because she has a vagina. I just finished reading an article on Politico… Read more →