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The Pirate Bay – A brief timeline & trial summary.

A lot of people are avidly watching the latest in courtroom drama – the infamous Pirate Bay trial currently happening in Sweden. Although, many sites such as, and Twitter (#spectrial) are following the trial closely with almost minute by minute updates, the American media appear to be ignoring this landmark trial. Here is a short timeline, highligting some… Read more →

WordPress 2.7 – Image Uploader Problem

After uploading an image using the Image Uploader, the radio buttons for the different picture sizes were grayed out and unselectable. The only option available was full size. The other issue that I noticed was that there were also no sizes displaying beneath the radio buttons and the full size was appearing as 0x0. The WordPress Forums are full of… Read more →

Google Toolbar for Iceweasel

The computer I am currently working on has a relatively fresh Debian install on it. And I am still in the process of ‘moving in’. Today, I got fed up with not having the Google Toolbar installed; must have the spellchecker. I went to install the thing, completely oblivious that I do not have Firefox. I have Iceweasel. Due to… Read more →

Framing Gallery2 Into WordPress

Here we go on another adventure in the world of websites and code that I know nothing about. One of the major features that I wanted to add to this site was to have my gallery embedded or at least appear to be embedded. There is a plug-in called WPG2 which does exactly that – properly. You may want to… Read more →