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Using Flip to Clean Up PHP Files

Here’s another handy tool for editing .php files for WordPress themes. I suppose this could be used for any .php files, but editing WordPress themes is where I generally encounter this problem. The problem being .php files created by other people using some sort of Windows editor (ie. Notepad). These files can be extremely ugly to look at and a… Read more →

The Pirate Bay Spectrial ~ Day 8

Day 8 primarily focused on the music and movie industry executives detailing how the Pirate Bay was the cause of all of their monetary woes. You can read all of the whining at the There were a couple of comments from the day’s proceedings that stuck out for me. They were both from John Kennedy who is the CEO… Read more →

Facebook ~ Sucking up to its users?

Once again, after logging into my Facebook account, I was greeted with another message regarding their policies. Apparently they are now seeking input from their members: Today we announced new opportunities for users to play a meaningful role in determining the policies governing our site. We released the first proposals subject to these procedures – The Facebook Principles, a set… Read more →

The Pirate Bay Spectrial ~ Day 7: Update

I just checked out the news over at (Threat Level) and read a few more details pertaining to the events in today’s court proceedings for the Pirate Bay trial. The prosecution made a slight altercation to the charges that have been filed against the four founders of the BitTorrent site. Here is part of the original summons: “The Pirate… Read more →