BMW 2002

1971 BMW 2002 Project Update: 2

April 10 – With the hoist repaired it was only a matter of lifting the engine out of the car since all of the prep work had already been done. Three hours later the other engine was out of the donor car. We then loaded up the car onto a trailer along with the replacement engine and headed off to… Read more →

1971 BMW 2002 Project Update: 1

The rustoration project has finally gotten underway. Here is a timeline of what we have been able to accomplish thus far: March 20 – The car arrives. At first site she looks pretty good. The interior is in excellent condition; some rust on the front fender and rear quarter panels. The engine runs, however, it makes an amazingly ferocious knocking… Read more →

The 1971 BMW 2002 Summer Project

The snow is melting, spring flowers are sprouting and temperatures are staying above freezing. These are all signs that “Monster Shed” season is upon us. The first project in line is a 1971 BMW 2002. Yep, you read that right; it’s a Bimmer! And why would I want to work on such an automobile? Because it can do this: Granted,… Read more →