American Bald Eagle

Driving along the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs we can get the occasional Eagle siting, but they are usually on the other side of the river making it impossible for me to get a photo with my camera. At least a photo where you can actually tell that there is a Bald Eagle in the tree. Thankfully, I have been… Read more →

Harley – Cam: Re-located

If you are a regular Harley-Cam viewer you may have noticed that we have been moving the camera around. Now that it is spring (maybe – it snowed today), Harley doesn’t hang in the house much. We also thought it might be fun to show off some of our other pets. The camera is currently positioned at one of the… Read more →

Downy Woodpecker

With the arrival of winter, the majority of birds leave us and migrate to warmer climates. We are usually left with a large flock of Black-Capped Chickadees, Magpies and one or two woodpeckers. This photo is of a male Downy-Woodpecker. He shows up sporadically throughout the year; taking a few sunflower seeds from the feeder and hiding them in an… Read more →

White-Crowned Sparrow

It’s been a typical Rocky Mountain spring day; a little rain, some snow, and grey clouds with a spattering of sunshine. Kind of a stay inside and look out the windows sort of day. And I am glad I looked out the windows. Today we had three White-crowned Sparrows show up; two males and a female. They seem to like… Read more →

Going to the Birds

I live in a pretty nifty location; almost 2 acres with a creek flowing through the property and a lot of willows. It’s a perfect little patch of birdie heaven. I also have feeders around the house filled with enticing sunflower and thistle seed. So far I have been able to identify approximately 20 different species of birds that have… Read more →