Adding Line Breaks to WordPress Pages & Posts: the Frustration Continues.

computer frustration

I haven’t been dabbling in the realm of WordPress sites for a while, however, I have recently begun a new project involving the creating and editing of numerous blog sites all using WordPress as their foundation. Color me shocked to find that after so many wonderful WordPress updates and added features that I still find myself using this silly little snippet of code in order to create line breaks that do not vanish when I hit the update button. Amazing.

What is equally amazing is the fact that there are still quite a few people grappling with this frustrating problem that I encountered over 6 years ago. You can read my original posting: WordPress and Adding Line Breaks – a Hack here.

There is no need to write long lines of code or edit style sheets. Simply add the following snippet of code wherever and whenever you need additional line breaks:

<br clear="none" />

I have no idea why this solution continues to work. What I do know is that it is a simple bit of code that continues to make my life easier.

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