The power lines along this one stretch of road are always decorated with dangling pairs of shoes. This location in town just happens to be where I park for work. It is also where I sometimes stroll during my lunchbreak in search of a yummy sandwich. One day I counted as many as 12 pairs of shoes hanging from the wires, one of which was a purple pair of Converse hightops that looked in relatively good condition.

So, my question is why do people toss their shoes onto power lines? There is actually a word for this: shoefiti. And of course, there is a website of the same name devoted to it. But the question is why? Why toss perfectly good shoes onto power lines? Googling provides no answers only urban legends and many theories about gang activity and drugs, none of which make any sense for the area in which I live.

Maybe some day I’ll catch somebody in the act of flinging their footwear and ask them why they did it.

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