Phish ~ Telluride, CO 2010

Finally – getting a chance to sit down and post about this new adventure. Seeing Phish always requires a day or two for me to digest exactly what in the hell just happened.

Also, uploading the pictures (many, many, perhaps way too many pictures) to the gallery has taken quite a bit of time.

Last year we were amazed to have Phish practically in our backyard when they played at Red Rocks. This year we were lucky to have Phish play at Telluride. With a six hour drive this was definitely not in our backyard.

This was the plan:
Sunday – leave around noon-ish and head for Montrose and stay in a hotel. Montrose, being only 45 minutes away from Telluride, would be a perfect stopping point.
Monday – leave Montrose around nine-ish to arrive early enough in Telluride to figure shit out. We were told that they weren’t going to let us into Town Park camping until noon. We also had to meet up with our friend, Jeremiah, to get our tickets to the show. We were anticipating long lines to get to our camp site and other general mayhem.

Unfortunately I spent most of the wee hours of Sunday morning puking my guts out for some inexplicable reason and felt like ass. Thankfully, most of the packing preparations were done the night before and all that was left was to pack clothing and chuck the stuff into the car. The trip came damn close to being called off, but there was absolutely no way in hell that I was going to miss this show! So, only a couple of hours behind schedule, we left Steamboat, got to Montrose, gathered the items we didn’t get a chance to pack (stuff like food), watched some tube in the hotel, grabbed a final hot shower in the AM and headed to Telluride.

I have to stop here and give some serious props to the town of Telluride and the folks who live there. I don’t know if they had any idea as to what they had signed on for when they approved having Phish come to town. Telluride is not new to music festivals. They have been putting on the Telluride Bluegrass festival for 37 years. But Phish is a bit different. The Phish scene is generally perceived to be a bunch of dirty hippies high on various illegal substances. I’m pretty sure that this notion has been completely erased. Phish fans are a community of fun loving folks who also like to spend some cash. It’s amazing that this little community of 3,000 people could host over 9,000 Phish-heads for two days. And to pull it off so smoothly boggles the mind.

We made it to Telluride right on schedule. The deal was if you were camping at Town Park you had to unload all of your gear as quickly as possible and then park your car somewhere. At first I thought this was going to be some crazy, hectic lunacy, but things were pretty organized. Dave parked the car wherever and by the time he got back I had camp all set up complete with Fat Tires at the ready and it wasn’t even noon yet.

The crazy thing about setting up camp was pulling up alongside two of our friends, Matty & Z, from Steamboat – completely random and accidental and awesome.

With camp all set up it was time to kick back and relax, cook some brats and corn on the cob on our baby grill, drink a few beers and eventually head into line for the start of the first night’s show. The Town Park campground is practically spitting distance from the stage and we were actually able to see the stage from our camp site.

Waiting in line:

The views all around the concert area were so magnificent that it was actually difficult to pay attention to what was happening on the stage:

We spent our first night of Phish fourth row, dead fucking center – 4DFC baby!

The second day we got into doing some sightseeing. We rode up the free gondola to get to the Mountain Village, gawk at the awesome scenery and grab some lunch.

Then it was back to camp for some more Fat Tires and visiting with our fellow campers. We listened to sound check from our comfy camp site and met up with a couple more friends, Jill and Mark, that we hadn’t seen in quite some time – five years or so. In fact, we were so comfortable in camp that we couldn’t get our act together well enough to get in line for posters. We decided to take day two a little more casual and not worry about how close we could get to the stage. We managed to grab a comfy spot with plenty of room for all of our friends that we had met up with to join us.

The music was fantastic, the crowd lovely; all in all we had a great two nights of Phish. I’m already looking forward to my next Phish adventure (whenever or wherever that might be).

August 9, 2010 Set-list:
Set 1: Down with Disease, Camel Walk, Ocelot, Light Up Or Leave Me Alone, Summer of ’89, Stash, Cavern, The Wedge, Possum, Julius

Set 2: Sand > Backwards Down the Number Line > Prince Caspian > Tweezer > Boogie On Reggae Woman > Piper > Mountains in the Mist, David Bowie, A Day in the Life

Encore: Quinn the Eskimo1, Tweezer Reprise

August 10, 2010 Set-list:
Set 1: The Squirming Coil, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, Ya Mar, Timber (Jerry), Let Me Lie, The Divided Sky, Walk Away, Roses Are Free > Limb By Limb, Bouncing Around the Room, Run Like an Antelope

Set 2: Party Time, Mike’s Song > Crosseyed and Painless > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Destiny Unbound, Carini > Free > Heavy Things, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Shine a Light

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  1. Dora Waters
    August 15, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    Looks like you had amazing time!! Great photos!! see you soon little loves 😉

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