1971 BMW 2002 Project Update: 1

The rustoration project has finally gotten underway. Here is a timeline of what we have been able to accomplish thus far:

March 20 – The car arrives. At first site she looks pretty good. The interior is in excellent condition; some rust on the front fender and rear quarter panels. The engine runs, however, it makes an amazingly ferocious knocking sound.

March 22 – It’s a nice day, but lots of snow remains and the ground outside Monster Shed is still fairly muddy. I decide to go assess the rust situation a little more closely. While there is surface rust in many places the most obvious trouble spots are at the driver rear quarter, passenger front fender, the rear shock towers and under the spare in the trunk.

Mother Nature decides to step in at this point dumping nearly a foot of snow putting the project on temporary hold. In the meantime, we tried to decide on what our ultimate goal for this project should be. Mike Macartney summed it up best in his book, “BMW ’02 Restoration Guide”. In it he describes the different definitions of “restoration”. Under a normal restoration or refurbishment “the car would look nice, drive well, and be ideal for everyday driving or just fun.” And taking into consideration that there wasn’t a huge budget available for this project a normal restoration sounded like an attainable goal. The first step in this process was to get the car running. This would mean removing the engine to ascertain what exactly was causing the knocking. Thankfully, we had a parts car with a running motor that we could use while the damaged could be fixed (if possible).

March 29 – Finally a break in the weather – time to remove that engine. We removed the hood, disconnected all the wires and hoses, and took out all of the necessary bolts in rather quick time. The engine hoist was still frozen and required a little ice hacking and snow removal, but we got her unstuck and moved into position only to discover that the hydraulic cylinder was broken. So, I ordered up a new part from Northern Tool and waited while more snow fell.

Cost of project to date: $1092.07
Car = $1,000
Restoration Guide & Haynes manual = $27.06
Hydraulic jack for hoist = $65.01

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  1. June 6, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    I recently picked up a 1971 2002. My first non muscle car ever.I’m an avid early Mustang nut.built a mess of them.anyway I saw this BM’r could’nt stop thinking about it.needless to say I own it now.cost me the repair of two rotton widow sills and a rotted plywood bulkhead ,she gave me the car,my question to you is ,any thoughts on where to get parts?pref. used .She runs drives and stops ,but needs everystuff kinda’want a neet daily driver you know’dirtroads,in the rain,etc.Dont know the first thing about them,but i’m a car guy from the 70’s and know my stuff. any advice?webb sites,books?I’d apreciate your input. Freedom.

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