Breaking Dawn ~ Stephenie Meyers

Breaking Dawn Hallelujah!!! I am finally done with this damned series.

Ugh, what a long winded ordeal this was. The entire book revolves around the imminent war between the Cullens and these ancient Italian vampires.

Bella and Edward get married, they consummate their marriage on some island, and Bella immediately gets pregnant. Vampires can reproduce in such a manner? Apparently so. This is before Bella has been transformed into a vampire, mind you. This means that the baby is a half-human, half-vampire combination. The birth of the baby nearly kills Bella, but Edward manages to “save” her by injecting her with his venom, thus turning her into a vampire – finally. Apparently there is a law amongst vampires that it is illegal to turn a baby into one of the undead. The child is witnessed by another vampire who reports it to the Italian dudes and thus imminent war.

It is truly unfortunate that Meyer had to drag this book out to some 500 or so pages. It really could have been half the length and still gotten the point across. It got so bad that I was hoping for the Apocalypse to happen and kill everyone; humans, vampires, werewolves, etc. The predictability really started to get boring.

I haven’t watched the movie – yet. I did, however, waste some bandwidth and downloaded it the other day. I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.

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