Volunteering for the Campaign For Change

Today was my first day of volunteering for Barack Obama’s campaign. I spent four hours at the local Obama campaign headquarters and called a bunch of random folks who were on a call list. I probably called 150-200 people, most of whom weren’t home. Of the ones who I did get to speak a few were Obama supporters who had already voted and some who hadn’t. I estimate that I was able to help six people who hadn’t voted yet, were first time voters and not sure exactly what they were supposed to do. That’s six votes for Obama.

The script that is given to you is fairly simply:
Hello my name is Tery and I’m a volunteer for the Obama campaign. May I ask you whom you are supporting for president?
And then depending on their answer, you can continue with other questions and information. The reactions to that first question, however, can be quite interesting. I got a couple of hang-ups, one “leave us the hell alone”, a couple “none of your business”, and a few folks who weren’t sure what to say. One guy told me that he voted for the “right guy”. It’s probably safe to assume that they are all McCain supporters. The Obama supporters that I spoke with were all happy to talk to me and generally all sounded excited about the election.

I will be hitting those phones again tomorrow looking for a few more votes.

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