Are Women Actually This Stupid?

I went to the Democratic primary here in Steamboat. And I asked a couple of women who were wearing Clinton buttons why they were supporting her. The answers I got were, “Because she is a woman.” Now some of these same women are supporting Sarah Palin. Why? Because she has a vagina.

I just finished reading an article on Politico where some of the supporters at Palin’s latest rally were asked why they had come out in support of her. Here’s some quotes just to show you how amazingly ignorant these people are:

“PTA, Soccer Mom, that kind of stuff,” explained Luann Tiner.

“She’s the only candidate of all four who can actually shoot an assault rifle,” chimed in her husband, Ken.

“It’s fantastic what she’s accomplished, being able to do it with a family, and keeping that baby, that was very special, and she’s got a boy in the service and going over to Iraq,” said Betty Beck, who lives in South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

“She’s an American,” said Blake

Not one mention about issues. Why? Because no one knows what in the hell this woman stands for!!!
Everything that has come out about her thus far has been nothing but lies, half-truths and factual omissions. The plane was a lie. Firing the chef was a lie (she was appointed to a different position). Her “Bridge to nowhere” line is absolute bullshit. She supported it to win the election for Governor. Her stance on abortion is so off the charts that I cannot believe any woman could support this. Kiss Roe v. Wade goodbye people. Palin does not believe in abortion for any reason. If you are the victim of rape or incest tough shit. In fact, she will also make you pay for the evidence test which can run around $1200. Read about it here.

Is Sarah Palin really a champion for women’s rights that she says she is? I suppose as long as you don’t get raped and don’t get pregnant from that rape. Although that appears to be easier said than done in the state of Alaska.

Alaska: rape, incest and domestic violence; Palin and Monegan

Since 1976, Alaska has ranked in the top five states in the nation for the highest rate of reported rape per capita. In 1993, Alaska ranked 1st in the nation: highest per capita incidence of rape.
Alaska has 6 times the national average of reported child sexual assault.
1 in 4 girls before the age of 12 and 1 in 6 boys before the age of 18 nationally will be sexually assaulted.
Fairbanks Health Center surveyed 419 clients over a 3-week period and found that 24% reported physical abuse in the past 6 months while 39% reported some form of sexual abuse (1995).
In 3 out of 4 reported cases, the victim knew the offender, the most commonly reported type of sexual abuse is a father who commits incest with his daughter–usually the eldest daughter.
As many as 4 out of 5 offenders were sexually assaulted as children.
One-third of incest victims’ mothers were sexually abused as children.
Alaska’s rape rate is 2.2 times the national average overall.

If you are a woman and are supporting Sarah Palin, you my dear, are an imbecile.

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