New Web-Site Fills On-line Void in Steamboat Springs

For whatever reason, after the ski season ended, Ski Corp took down their online forum. This was a pretty active discussion forum with users from all over the globe contributing. Now it is gone.
Today the Steamboat Pilot changed their registration policy for readers to submit comments on their online news site. They now require that you register using your first and last name, daytime phone number, e-mail address, birth date, gender and zip code. In order for your registration to be accepted you will have to sit by the phone and wait for someone from the Pilot to call you and verify that you are who you say you are.

Fuck that.

Now we have The Steamboat Forum. A new place to discuss matters of great importance (like what your favorite beer is).

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  1. Mom
    August 16, 2008 at 10:32 am

    I tried to obtain a free credit report from the gubment web site. Unfortunately I don’t know me well enough to answer their questions. I worked for the same company for 5 years. I took a summer off and then went back to work for them. I had been working for over 3 months when they sent me a job application form, which I dutifully filled out and returned, hoping I’d get the job. Guess they didn’t know who I was either. For 3 years the IRS sent my returns to a wrong address. When I finally got this situation amended I asked them what address they had been mailing my returns to, and they said they couldn’t release that info. That unknown address is probably the answer to the question on the credit report inquiry that I don’t know. Where the hell was I? Who the hell am I? I have applied for low-income housing, if they run into the same roadblocks that I have trying to find out who I am, I won’t exist for them either. In which case, I’ll have to go down to Mexico, wade back across the Rio Grande, climb the new fence, hitch a ride in the back of a Penske truck and re-apply.
    All I really was going to say is that I don’t need the SP&T to verify my existence just so I can comment on their biased misinformation.
    After reading too many bicycle hugging articles in the SP&T, I’m out to prove that bicycles are a road hazard and therefore illegal on many roads in this county. They are considered “vehicles” and have all the rights of “vehicles” yet they are not required to have an operator’s license, tags or insurance. I am tired of sharing the road and being responsible for their safety. They need to pony-up, obey the laws as they pertain to slow-moving vehicles, be responsible for their own stupidity if they want to drag their babies around behind them, which I feel is child-endangerment, and, while I’m venting get the hell out of my way!
    Can they be legal if they force drivers to cross the double yellow line to get around them?
    Can they be legal if they force drivers to brake to 20 mph (in a 45mph zone) so they can avoid a head-on with a dump truck while risking a rear-ender from a Dodge Ram? They ride 3 abreast and flip you off when you honk at them.
    The bicycle that ran the red light on Lincoln and was hit by a truck, received no citation. Why? And why am I made to feel that while driving on a road, built and maintained with fuel taxes and motorized vehicle registration fees, I am the interloper?
    Does this piss anyone else off? Well then “there aughta be a law”!

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