Fun In the Snow

One of Kenny’s buddies crashed his sled and broke the throttle cable. After bringing it out to phrog’s and doing some Monster Shed magic, the cable was fixed and ready for action. We all headed up to Lock’s for some sled-neckin’. Lock’s place has a road that leads up to a large pasture. He does not maintain this road in the winter as it is pretty steep and his tractor can’t make it up. The banks along Lock’s driveway are approximately 3-4 feet high, so we dug a slight ramp for Kenny to go up on. Here’s the results of his first attempt:


His second attempt got him up the bank, however, he didn’t quite make it up to the pasture.

Mike gets a tow up to the top and then rides back down through the trees.

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  1. eek
    February 17, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    love the smiles!!

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