Steamboat Springs City Council Campaigning Underway

Hold on to your butts everybody – we got us an election comin’ up! This here cow town is gonna elect themselves a new City Council. And what a fine selection of candidates they have to choose from. I say they, because I (thankfully) do not live within city limits and therefore cannot vote for city council members. Then why do I care? I actually don’t. I’m just poking a little fun at these folks because there ain’t nuthin’ else to do.
If I could vote, I would be choosing the candidate with the best representation; newspaper ad or web presence. I was really bummed after Cari Hermacinski took down her YouTube videos. Although, she forgot to correct her print ad. It still sends you to YouTube to watch the video. She still has time to pull it together, so we won’t count her out yet. Karen Post’s site just had a serious makeover. I’d love to show it to you, but for some reason no one has made it go live yet. The old typo ridden one is still online. Her opponent in this race, Jon Quinn, has a very respectable web site. It’s tidy, bright, and proof read. His print ads are quite nice too.
And then we have Scott Myller. His slogan is “Myller Is Your Guy” and his web site is a complete treat: Just in case it goes away, here are some tidbits for you:

a thoughtful decisions maker, Scott serving has served on the Steamboat Springs planning commission for the past 6 years. He understands city policies and development codes.

Scott will respect the public’s time. If some takes the time to come to a City Council meeting they shouldn’t have to wait until 11:00PM to be heard. Quit wasting time with worthless chatter.

Scott believes that city government SHOULD provide public services – especially those at a loss. Taxpayers should know what they get for their money. Howelsen Hill, Airport, and parks and rec for example.

The site is also incredibly, horrendously and obnoxiously green. Oh well, I sure hope Cari puts up a new video.

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