Steamboat Springs City Council Elections

Election season is upon us in Steamboat Springs. Five of the seven seats on City Council are up for grabs this November. The list of hopefuls is eleven strong with some members seeking reelection.

The candidates are:
District I: Susan Dellinger (incumbent), Scott Myller
District II: Meg Page Bentley, Paul Hughes
District III: Vince Arroyo, Walter Magill (two year term)
District III: Karen Post (incumbent), Jon Quinn (four year term)
At Large: Towny Anderson (incumbent), Cari Hermacinski, Dave McClure

The campaigning has begun and the local papers are filled with ads from the candidates. I realize that this is a small town, however, does that also mean that the ads have to be lacking in… oh, how shall I put it? Professionalism? Or how about some inspiration? Walter Magill’s ad is a black square with his name in white lettering. Cari Hermacinski’s is corny, Towny Anderson’s doesn’t make sense, and Vince Arroyo has placed his ad in the classifieds. So far four candidates have taken to the Internet for their campaigns. Towny Anderson’s site is still under construction. A little planning goes a long way. Karen Post’s site is riddled with spelling errors and typos. The name of her partner, Dave Glantz, is spelled incorrectly. Susan Dellinger’s site is disorganized and quite pathetic looking. Cari Hermacinski has taken a unique approach. She has a video on YouTube. It’s almost four minutes long, but your mind will begin to wander after only a few seconds. Yawn.

These are the people who will be hiring consultant after consultant in the coming years. Perhaps they should get in a little practice and hire some consultants now. This may mean that some money will have to be spent, however, that is also a prerequisite to being on City Council – spending money. Lots and lots of money. If this is the best that these folks can do in regards to representing themselves; what sort of job are they going to do representing the needs of the people?

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